Monday, September 25, 2006

White Dwarf #322 Review

Hello humies, we have just recieved our copies of the next White Dwarf, #322. This is a complete review of the issue.

The majority of the issue is devoted to orcs of somekind, either Warhammer or 40k. The new releases releases section has pictures of all the new Orc and Goblin minitures and the new Eldar Army. The New Releases also has a small two page hobby section showing off Warhammer Counters, 40k vehicle dice, a hero basing kit, rule book cases, and the new army cases.

Following this is a 12 page article by Mat Ward describing the new changes coming to Orcs and Goblins. These include a variety of new magic weapons, magic changes, and the new models and characters. A major change for the Orcs is now Orcs receive a +1 strength bonus when using a choppa regardless of charging or not charging, and whether the orc has a shield or a additional choppa. So if you give an Orc a Choppa and a shield the Orc gets +1 strength and a +1 to the Orc's save in combat.

Following Mat Ward's article Mark Latham and Andy Hoare dish out a 4000 point battle report between Orcs and Goblins with Adam Troke acting as referee. In the end the Orcs pulled out a slim victory over the Lizardmen.

"Standard Bearer" was next and Jervis Johnson discussed what goes into making a Codex, speciffically the new Eldar Codex due out in November. An overview of each Warhammer Army and some of their troop options was next, followed by A Lord of the Rings historical campaign based on the recapture of Moria by Balin. A Warhammer 40000 article on "Walkers" and "Walker Tactics" followed and then 'Eavy Metal showed us how to paint Necrons, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Ents, Morgul Stalkers, Vrasku, finishing up with a very well done diorama of Saruman, Wormtounge, and the Palantir, before moving onto a a three page article on painting Orcs.

After a series of event lists Jeff Hall kicked things off again with part two of three of the "Gathering Green". This time he expanded his force another 500 pts to 1000. Also, a hobby article on how to make a barricade specifficaly for the new scenario between Gobbos and Empire. Switching over to 40k, a four page article on modeling Feral Orcs preced a 12 page article on modeling 40k Orc buildings, strategems, and Warbosses. After that a 6 page article on 3 different Lord of the Rings Legions. Next, came a hobby article on how to create Helm's Deep Walls. a 6 page article offering tips and strategies for painting Warhammer Battalions peceded a 4 page article on how to make 3 Warhammer Armies based around the Battalion boxed set, a special character, and unique conversions. Ending the magazine was Direct Services' Bitz and Pieces article.

Total, there were 144 pages, and 19 articles. I think this was a pretty good White Dwarf, but that may just be because I play Orcs and Goblins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I did not play a game, I thoroughly reading the script and instructions. You guys did a great job! Nice Work!
Grammie :)

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